I was born and raised in a small town in Northeast Texas and now reside in a much smaller (10x smaller) town in Central Texas.  I’m a Marketing Analyst and consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to telecommute and be spared the 120-mile daily round-trip commute I did for so many years.

I’m a mother of four, with one still in the nest.  I have a little furry Shih-Tzu named Holly – a birthday gift from my children in 2014.

Creating things is my passion.  I’ve experimented with just about every hobby/craft you can imagine, but using a simple hammer and nails has been the most rewarding.  This site is in response to many requests for a website, showcasing the little house I built.  In all honesty, yes “I” was the crazy lady with the crazy idea that a woman could build her own house by simply purchasing a how-to book (“How to Build a House” from Lowes), but I had a lot of help from friends and family.  That project is “mostly” done, but when is a house ever “done” really?  If you’d like to see how I got to now, check out the “The Build” gallery for photos of the process!

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