I designed the house to use the empty space under the stairwell as the pantry – just off the kitchen.  The door wasn’t perfectly centered, allowing for only 6″-deep shelving on the right.  The left side had room for 8″-deep shelving.  Inexpensive 1x pineboards from HomeDepot were used.  I don’t mind picking through twisted boards to find the good ones, and I can live with a knot or two here and there, especially in the pantry! The back of the pantry got one 1″x12″ shelf, which is perfect for seasonal bulky items (like the Christmas cupcake carrier in the photo below).  The shelves are supported by 1″x2″s screwed into the studs.  Additional 1″x2″s were used for vertical bracing.  The shelves are simple yet sturdy and provide ample storage space.

IMG_3101 IMG_3102

IMG_3103  IMG_3105