Rumble Stone Flower Beds

I fell in love with these RumbleStones I found at Home Depot while shopping in the lawn & garden department.  After browsing Pinterest for ideas on how to use them for flowerbed edging, I had a plan in mind and was ready to begin! The first order of business was to dig-out the areas around the house where he flowerbeds would go.  Luckily my son is quit handy with a shovel and dug-out all the areas that were clay.  I did the easy parts where there was sandy soil like in rounded corner photos below.


Here is the first load of RumbleStone.  The little cement bricks at the back of the stack were used as the base.  I first spread sand, then put the cement bricks on top.  The sand helped to level the bricks.  I used a rubber mallet to set them and only busted my finger once!

I started out doing this corner first; thought it might be simpler than having to begin with a straight line.

Here you can see the beginning of the first straight line of RumbleStones that are being installed on the cement bricks set in sand.

I busted my finger here with the rubber mallet setting the cement bricks:

My daughter Cecily came by to help with the fun part (setting the RumbleStones):

I installed a french drain along the side of the house under the flower bed.  It flows into this catch basin and is then piped into the yard:

Installation on this side of the house took a looong time!

And here are some kids taking credit for work they didn’t do 😉

Work other side of the front:

My Aunt Fran wasn’t satisfied with the squared corner (left image below), so I rounded it at her suggestion (right image):